Building Our Own Community, Inc. (B.O.O.C., pronounced “book”) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), community-based organization established in 1999 by Bishop Lance Davis. The agency was founded with the mission of restoring and strengthening poor and underserved communities and populations in south suburban Cook County. This is accomplished by B.O.O.C. presenting programs and activities that develop youth, enhance education, foster economic development, and address health issues for the purpose of strengthening families and, in turn, stabilizing
the entire community.

From its inception in 1999, the BOOC sought to make a difference in the South Suburban Cook County community. Initially, B.O.O.C. started out as a faith-based grassroots organization that focused on rebuilding the community by developing and training the human capital within the community. B.O.O.C. became known as a community liaison bent on bringing "hope to the streets". During this time, the B.O.O.C. staff and volunteers worked with young men (predominately African American) by teaching them various construction trades while mentoring and encouraging them to become positive role models for the boys in their lives and to assist the B.O.O.C. team in "building our own community".

In 2001, B.O.O.C. received its 501c.3 non-profit designation from the Internal Revenue Service. This allowed the organization to pursue community and State assistance in carrying out its goals and objectives. B.O.O.C. funded its programs through the sacrificial giving of the members of the Church that was pastored by B.O.O.C.'s founder and Executive Director, Bishop Lance Davis. B.O.O.C. became a program partner of the Chicago Area Project through its program called the FAMILY FORT. This program was designed to build stronger families within the South Suburban region by "Fortifying" the family structure through Saturday morning classes for ALL family members. The staff taught the participants the importance of sharing a healthy meal together as a family as a "building block" for family unity. B.O.O.C. successfully carried out its Family FORT mission by Fortifying the family, thus making them Operable within the community, Restored and thus Transformed (FORT). Shortly thereafter, BOOC recieved it's first grant.

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